Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan LEAP Award
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2016 Semester 2 Timetable
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Student Travel Declaration for 2016 June Holidays
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Schedule for Mastery Learning Programme Semester 1 2016
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Moments captured during Sec 2 Adventure camp 2016
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Moments of Sec 3 OSL Trip 2016
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The Ariff Budiman Malay Language Teachers' Award (AGAB)
The Ariff Budiman Malay Language Teachers' Award (AGAB) is an annual event which aims to recognise Malay Language (ML) teachers who have made excellent contributions to the teaching and learning of the ML in schools. Do nominate your deserving ML teachers for this prestigious award. Click above for more details.
Congratulations to our Ex-Hougeans!
GOH KAI YAO BRYAN (Class of 2012, S4-E3) Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Outstanding Academic Performance at Singapore Polytechnic.
Congratulations! to our Alumni
Lim Yong Sen (Graduated in 2012),Class S4-E1 Diploma in Marketing Awarded - Cheers Silver Medal. Nora Chen Chin Wen(Graduated in 2012),Class S5-A1 Diploma in Accountancy & Finance Awarded - EY Silver Medal. Our ex-hougeans have performed well in their studies at Nanyang Polytechnic.
Congratulations to our Ex-Hougeans!
We are pleased to announce that our ex-Hougeans graduated from Nanyang Junior College, have achieved excellent results in the GCE “A” Level Examination 2015.Toh Wan Xin, Tan Mui Hui Cherry 6 Distinctions
Outstanding performance at the GCE 'A' Level Examination
Congratulations! Liow Yee Ting - 4E2 (2013), Teo Kee Wei - 4E2 (2013) for your outstanding performance in the GCE 'A' Level Examinations.
Parents Connect 2016 Term 2
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Subject Briefing for parents of sec 2 students are now available.
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Approved Calculator List
Sec 4 & 5 students are to check their calculators against the calculator list. You will need to use the approved calculators for Prelim 1 onwards
Singapore Polytechnic Excellence Awards 2016
Congratulations! HO JUN YAN of 4E1 (Class of 2012) has been awarded by Singapore Polytechnic the "Singapore Polytechnic Model Student Award" for his outstanding achievements and contributions in his co-curricular activities.
Congratulation to our Hougeans
Congratulations! Nur Aizat B Sulaiman from S4-A2,2014 Muhammad Hamizan B Mansor from S4-A1,2014 Our students did well for their studies in ITE and have been awarded the Director's Commendation for outstanding academic performance in the September 2015 Examination. This commendation is given to the top 10% of students in the course who have performed outstandingly.





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